Integration consulting

The integration of foreign employees and businesses in the Finnish labour markets is a strong message for social responsibility, and it shows that the legal obligations are recognized by business practitioners.

The Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability, or the law regarding the client’s duty and responsibility to investigate when external labour is being used (1233/2006), requires the client to ensure that the legal obligations have been met by the contracting party. The duties of an employer to an employee hired from abroad are the same as duties to a locally hired employee.

The registration and integration of a foreign employee in the Finnish labour markets go forward in the government bodies in a certain order depending on the length of working relationship and whether the employee comes from an EU/EEA member country or from outside. In order to register as an employee in Finland, it is necessary to visit with the relevant documentation a police station, local register office, tax office, bank, and often also a local office of the Social Insurance Institution. Although meetings can be scheduled with many offices nowadays, the process takes a lot of time that is away from productive work. Sometimes an interpreter is needed in order to facilitate the process and sometimes the office might be busy in spite of the reservation. Many employers find the process of registration and integration difficult and time consuming. However, the integration project should not be a problem! The integration consultant of Voxtel Finland Oy carries out the registration work on behalf of you confidentially and efficiently.

The integration consultant manages the registration of foreign labour in Finland and, when necessary, visits the Social Insurance Institution on behalf of an employee, and assists when a Finnish bank account is opened for the employee. The integration consultant will be in the service of your company until the obligations stipulated by the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability have been met. Voxtel Finland Oy provides the labour registration and integration services also to other fields than those subject to the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability. Please contact our consultant and we will find out how we can meet the needs of your company.